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Text Box: Information Consolidation, Analysis, and Feasibility Studies

CAD software is utilized to precisely configure manufacturing lines in existing or new facilities.  Manufacturing lines for mixing and batching, product fabrication, and packaging are thoroughly developed and documented.  Facility requirements are also developed, allowing architecture to quickly develop and document facility designs.  This service ensures equipment and facilities are well configured minimizing labor and ensuring efficient material flow.  Equipment and facilities are well coordinated facilitating low cost installation on schedule.

Text Box: Line Layout and Process Design

When unique solutions are not readily available, machine design services are provided to develop capabilities for special needs.  This may be for equipment improvements or new unique capabilities.  Modeling software is used to create assemblies, model parts, and provide fabrication documentation.  Complex tooling for rotary dies or intricate sheet metal parts can be developed, and electronic models can be transferred directly to CNC fabrication equipment.

Text Box: Machine Design

Electrical control systems are provided in close coordination with production line and machine requirements.  These systems are provided either to the customer standards or our standards.  We can collaborate directly with panel shops or provide complete documentation for these control systems.

Text Box: Control System Design

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PLC programming can be provided for a variety of control platforms.  Applications for new systems or improvements to existing systems may be supplied.  Existing programs are tuned during line operation to greatly improve performance or to accommodate new line requirements.

Text Box: PLC Programming

The architecture for a plant network can be developed, and the many systems in the plant can be networked and connected to a SCADA system. Real-time and historical process information are presented to operations management to facilitate production improvements and verify process control.

Text Box: SCADA Systems Development
Machine Design

Process Diagrams or Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams are utilized to illustrate the physical sequence of equipment and systems and how these systems connect. These diagrams provide the basis for the development of system control schemes.  They are essential for internal development and  communicating requirements to vendors and contractors.

SLR Systems has a library of standard bottling lines that are designed to minimize labor and capital cost based on line rate.  These layouts can be quickly updated with your specific equipment selections and facility requirements.

Text Box: Equipment capabilities must be well aligned with business requirements and objectives.  A variety of analysis are available to consolidate this critical information and drive equipment selection and line development or to validate project feasibility.  Studies range from long term production planning, line scheduling, and process flow documentation to capturing detailed product, equipment, and line information.