Small product counter

This is a low cost machine, originally targeted for the food industry that portions wrapped product into bulk containers by count. Product is received from a continuous process, such as a horizontal flow wrapper, and counts the product into the container using a laser sensor. When a container is full, a diverter activates and channels the product to the second container staged on the machine. The device is PLC controlled, and the count set-point is set via a keypad. Total cases for the shift can be tracked.

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 Eliminate product give-away by precisely controlling count.

 Improve inventory accuracy when work in process containers are filled.

 Much lower cost and space requirement compared to scales and other technology used for these applications.


 Product size up to: 3.5 X 5 X 1.5 High

 Rates up to 1,000 pieces/min

 110 volt power

 90 psi compressed air