Lift-Out Uncaser

This machine is used by slow to moderate speed bottling lines that unload empty bottles from cases with the take-out rings facing up. The operator places the case on the unloading conveyor. Grippers lift the bottles out of the case by their take-out rings and then place the bottles on the conveyor after the empty case is removed. The bottles then convey clear of the unloading zone, and the process is repeated.

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 Low cost solution to remove bear and other upright bottles from cases and feed bottling lines

 Reduce labor and improve ergonomics

 Quick change over and accommodated sizes ranging from 7oz to Magnum bottles

 Can be installed on existing bottling lines


 Accommodates most case sizes

 Accommodates bottles ranging between 7 oz and Magnum

 Typical rate is 7 cases/min

 Voltage: per customer requirements