This device receives product in a continuous single file stream and counts the products into bulk containers.  It is capable of receiving product faster than 1,000 pieces/min.  When the target count is satisfied, a gate diverts product to an empty container, allowing an operator to remove the full container, while product continues to be counted.

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The Hand Pack Station is a conveyorized work station that ergonomically presents product to be case-packed.  Product and cases are effectively presented to operators, increasing through-put and labor efficiency.

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This machine is used by slow to moderate speed bottling lines that unload empty bottles from cases with the take-out ring facing up.  The operator places the case on the unloading conveyor, and grippers lift the bottles out of the case by the take-out ring and then place the bottles on the conveyor after the empty case is removed.

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The wine industry palletizes cases with inverted bottles to ensure the cork remains moist.  This conveyor re-orientates the case for hand pallet stacking.  As the case is conveyed, it is rotated and then tumbled over.  Mechanizing the orientation improves ergonomics and ensures case are always stacked with the corks down. 

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We offer robust stainless steel modular conveyor sections for bottling and packaging lines.  Standard modules include straight sections, drives and idles, curves, crossovers, machine adapter kits, and hand-dump stations.  Table Top Chain and Matt Top Belt conveyors are available.

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